• The Idea was simple


    If TV can teach you to cook – why can’t it teach fire safety?
    People like watching TV – so lets put fire safety on TV.

  • Darryn Allcorn Director for Workforce and Development Northern Devon Healthcare Trust













Step 1 Mobile Learning & Video

  • Mobile learning is amazingly convenient

    Have you ever had trouble getting your employees engaged with training? It’s hard to concentrate on training when one has a million other things to do. Mobile learning is luxuriously convenient.

    Video greatly enhances the communication message quality and experience

  • Mobile learning increases productivity

    mLearning makes it easy for employees to access training materials. Guess what happens as a result of this? For one thing, productivity increases.

    Content delivered with video has a much higher retention rate

  • Mobile learning is cost effective

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to release staff for learning, mainly because backfill is expensive.  Costs to develop mobile learning can be much less than traditional training.

    Accessible on tablet, computer, smart phone or TV 24/7

Step 2 Watch the results for yourself